Why should you spend your vacation in Dandeli

Are you planning to hang out with your friends or family this vacation? If you are planning to go to some enthralling destination with your relatives or friends, then you can spend an ideal vacation in Dandeli that is one of the beautiful town in Karnataka. It is a town that is located in the northwest region of Karnataka and an ideal tourist destination where tourists cannot only enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, but also enjoy various adventurous and fun-filled activities. The best time to visit there is from October to May, while the best time for water sports activities is from the month of March to May. You may find the best hotels in Dandeli to make your stay comfortable in Dandeli.

Reasons why should you make vacation ideal in Dandeli:

  • Rafting in the Kali River:

Kali River Rafting

If you wish to enjoy high adrenaline river rafting, then nothing can be best than doing rafting in the Kali River. Rafting in the Kali River is basically a team activity where you can enjoy class 4 rapids. You may find water in the river all through the year as the dam situated above the river gets opened daily morning for generating electricity. Enjoy either full day in the river or half day because you can choose any of the options according to your convenience.

  • Bird-watching at Ganeshgudi:

Bird-watching at Ganeshgudi

Ganeshgudi is a place that is located near Dandeli and popular for bird-watching where professional bird watchers are usually found with their big bazooka lenses for capturing pretty and small birds in lenses. You may find largest birds like hornbills in Dandeli, but Ganeshgudi is known for the smaller birds. If you are really a passionate birder, then don’t forget to check out this place.

  • Finding elusive black panther in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary:

Black panther in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

If you wish to spot the rarely seen Black Panther, you may be able to spot in Dandeli quite regularly. Most of the tourists visit Dandeli for spotting Black Panther, but you can also get to see tigers, leopards, and various other species of animals in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. Stay in best hotels in Dandeli near to wildlife sanctuary and explore a variety of fauna and flora.

  • Visiting unique tribes of Dandeli:

You might not be aware of the fact that you may experience visiting the several and unique tribes in Dandeli. You will get to see a very famous Siddi tribe there and people of this tribe have an African origin and were forced to come to India as slaves. One more famous tribe, i.e. Gowli tribes who usually handle cattle can also be found there. You may spend time with them and get to know their exciting customs and culture.

  • Exploring spirituality in dark Kavala caves:

dark Kavala caves

Dark Kavala Caves are situated in the deep forests of Dandeli where you can get to see large stalagmites and stalactites and the local people of Dandeli worship those as Lord Shiva.

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