Tips You Should Follow Before Making a Resort Reservation

With the holiday season approaching, it is that time of the year again.  It is a matter of time before the trips and weekend getaways start rolling in. This would also include making hotel and resort reservations for the respective trips and vacations. Although there is no written manuscript on how a reservation is to be made, there are certain rules or rather tips that ought to be followed to get the best out of the holiday season. For instance, resort booking in Dandeli should always be done in advance to make sure that proper rooms are available due to heavy inflow of tourists. These are discussed below:-

  • Call the Resort Directly:

One should call the resort directly and not contact them via emails or messages over the phone. We admit that technology has advanced to a point where convenience is just a click away but in some cases, it is better to see things being done in front of you. In this case, it is advised that you make reservations via a telephone call. Good hotels like Dandeli resorts will always have a customer care unit available to attend to customers.

  • Always Ask for any Renovation Activity: 

Make sure that you ask the hotel for any sort of renovation activity going on. If there is anything going on, always opt for a room away from the area of work.

  • Keep a Tab on Room Rates Even after Making the Reservation:

After you make reservations, do not sit back and relax. Keep an eye on the prices of rooms as there may be fluctuations due to influx or out flux of tourists. Be smart and keep your senses open.

  • Tip the Housekeeper If You Stay for More Than One Day: 

In case you plan to stay for more than a day, do tip the housekeeper every day. After you come back to your resort in your hotel room it is but obvious that you would want a clean and tidy room that smells like home. Tip your housekeeper every day so that he/she goes the extra mile to keep your room clean.

We hope you liked the blog and took away some important tips. Do not forget to check out Dandeli Dreams if you are planning a vacation. For the best Dandeli resort package visit now!