7 reasons why you need to visit Dandeli Tourist Places

Autumn’s rolled past and you’re feeling the cold chill wind blow in. You and your family are all set for a vacation to the south yet can’t decide where to go. You’ve visited so many places that it’s safe to say that you’ve seen them all. Or have you?

Dandeli is a town in Karnataka, India. It’s recently become one of the most trending vacation spots in tropical India and one of the most adventurous tourist spots. The weather, wildlife, nightlife and awesome family summer activities in just what you need to unwind after a busy year. Here’s a list of our top 7 reasons why you need to visit Dandeli Tourist Places:

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  1. Jungle Safari
  • While looking for the best resorts to stay in while trying to book Dandeli holiday tour, one thing that attracts everyone is the Jungle Safari in Dandeli.
  • While staying at the Dandeli Jungle Resort, newcomers and those with experience will both certainly enjoying going on the Jungle Safari.
  1. River Rafting:
  • Going for river rafting when in a tropical tourist location is not a new activity, yet it never loses its charm. This is one thing to look forward to when you are selecting Dandeli Packages.
  • This is a safe and fun activity that you can do with your family as you go down the river in an inflatable. It often becomes one of the most memorable memories of tourists who Book Dandeli holiday tour package.
  1. Mountain Trekking:
  • Mountain trekking is not a regular activity for tropical places, yet a welcome one. While deciding among the best resorts Dandeli has to offer, mountain trekking is exploring the scenery you live in.
  1. Bird Watching:
  • This is one for the nature enthusiasts. Armed with onsite binoculars and your D-SLRs, you can shoot birds the right way- taking their pictures in their habitat.
  • As part of the Dandeli Jungle Resort, this is one of the many ways you can interact with the local wildlife and see the exotic animals waiting to be captured on film.
  1. Kayaking:
  • A word of advice when doing this activity; hold tight, it’s okay to scream. Kayaking is for the hyper adventurous ones among you, not for the weak hearted.
  • While you’re trying to book Dandeli Resorts Package, this is one activity that’ll certainly catch your attention. It will attract the thrill seeker in you; an activity that’s recommended solo or with friends.
  1. Book the best resorts in the Dandeli Tourist Places:
  • You can choose from the various types of accommodations you may want to stay in.
  • These resorts and cottages can be according to your budget, your travel group, or even tailored to the activities you will be participating in.
  • Camps and farm houses will also be available for those who want to live near to the wildlife, near the forest.
  1. Stay in Dandeli Dreams when you book Dandeli Holiday tour:
  • Dandeli Dreams is one such place that you can check out if you’re interested in something similar to what we mentioned above.
  • This is one hotel which is basically a one-stop location for it will manage all your activities and provide you with suitable, good locations to stay in as per your program.

These are some of the reasons why we believe that everyone needs to visit Dandeli Tourist Places for the experience.