Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India has a rich geographical diversity with a plethora of flora as well as fauna. So, there are some of the places in India that are popular and protected as national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. Such wildlife sanctuaries serve as a shelter for the different conserved and endangered fauna and flora species. The reason behind the establishment of several wildlife sanctuaries is the security of all species that are endangered. If you are fond of exploring amazing wildlife of India, make sure to visit popular wildlife sanctuaries in India where you can have the best experience of rich fauna and flora of India.

Most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India you should visit:

  • Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand:

Located in Ramnagar in the Uttarakhand state, this national park is a home to a plethora of animals like crocodiles, elephants, tigers, muggar, leopards, species of deer, and various other animals. This park has been named as Jim Corbett National Park because of the involvement of conservationist Jim Corbett in the establishment of this park.

  • Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan:

Ranthambore National Park is another popular wildlife sanctuary that is acclaimed to serve as a habitat for a plenty of tigers. Having 300 species of trees, 272 different species of birds, 50 aquatic plants, and 12 different species of reptiles, and 30 species of mammals, this park sets itself apart from all the national parks in India. If you are passionate about wildlife, book your stay near this park and explore a wide range of flora and fauna.

  • Dandeli wildlife sanctuary:

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, situated in the southern part of Karnataka, offers you the beautiful and lush green forests. This wildlife sanctuary in Dandeli houses rarely found species such as civet cats, mouse deer, and flying squirrels other than tigers and leopards. You can also enjoy the white water rafting in Kali River at Dandeli. Book best and affordable hotels in Dandeli for a comfortable stay from where it could be easier for you to approach wildlife sanctuary.

  • Sunderbans National Park in Bengal:

Sunderban National Park offers you picturesque views of nature and is known for having the largest Tiger Reserve in entire India. The Sunderban National Park is popular for being a part of the largest delta formed by the famous rivers like Meghna, Ganges, and Brahmaputra.

If you are a wildlife lover, make sure to visit all the above-discussed popular wildlife sanctuaries in India once in your life.