Exciting Night Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli is undoubtedly a beautiful destination when it come to night camping. In your jungle stay in Dandeli you would get a chance to live among the nocturnal charms and that too of one of the most beautiful forests in India. Dandeli Wildlife has lots of surprises in store for their visitors who come over here every year. The wildlife and night life of Dandeli is something worth experiencing.

Thrilling night camping in Dandeli:

In the entire trip you will be staying in a classic and comfortable tent on the bank of River Kali. It offers a very comfortable and exotic stay. This stay will be very well organized as you will get almost all the basic amenities over here. Dandeli Jungle camp will be filled with lots of thrilling experiences. You will get you own area as well to cook your meal. You will also be provided assisted with a guide who will take you to trekking in the jungle as well.

Gradually when the night falls, the ambiance of the camp becomes quite ideal with all the perfect set up like bonfire, stargazing and outdoor cooking among the typical jungle background. Jungle stay and night camping will give you one of the amazing feeling in the world. Around 6 PM you will be taken on a jeep ride through the Pansoli Jungle. This jungle is going to be your abode for the perfect night stay.

Surrounded by lush green forest, you will definitely love your stay in the lap of nature. You dream of night camping will definitely be justified through Dandeli holiday trip and make your vacation ideal with jungle stay in Dandeli. Here you could find animals grazing around your tent and you would definitely love to experience this as it is a very rare scene to witness. There you could also sing and dance around the bonfire.