5 Intangible benefits of Jungle Camping in Dandeli

A century ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a theory that holds the same wisdom today as it carried then. The theory was about the health benefits of camping deep in the woods. His theory gave us enough reasons to ditch our busy life aside and go for jungle camping for a few days. The jungle camping indeed has some rare health benefits.

Jungle Camping in Dandeli is mostly enjoyed by people who love adventure.  Some people take leave from their busy life as they are tired of the noise of the city.

Some of the intangible benefits of jungle stay in Dandeli are as follows:

  • When you have a jungle trip to Dandeli, most of your times spend in the company of trees in the deep woods. When you live in the company of trees, you take fresh oxygen. And that feeling of happiness when you take fresh air is natural. The fresh air releases serotonin that regulates our blood pressure, improves digestion and many other benefits.
  • When you have a jungle stay, camping can be a great fun when your friends or family are along with you at the camping site. You are able to spend the best period of your life with your family and friends. The researchers suggest that a stay in jungle improves your relations with friends and family.
  • When we stay in our offices away from the sunlight, our brain releases melatonin that makes us tired and induces the feeling of depression in us. But when you spend some time in the sunlight, the level of melatonin balances in our body and we enjoy better moods after the trip.
  • When in Office or Home, you get hardly some time for a workout, but during Jungle camping, you have all the time for exercising.
  • After a day full of activities, you will fall fast asleep and the sound sleep will improve your cardiovascular system that keeps you alert.

Tailpiece: In Dandeli in addition to wild life, you also enjoy beautiful Mullangi Falls. To make your Jungle Stay in Dandeli most beautiful and memorable moment of your life, book jungle camp and resort as soon as possible and enjoy your jungle trip.