Everything you should know about Shiroli Peak

Shiroli Peak, located inside that of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is at the distance of 25km from Dandeli. Dandeli is a small town, situated in the Uttara Kannada and is widely admired for the beautiful green surroundings and forests. People from all over India visit Dandeli for spending ideal vacations with your family or friends. Dandeli is a preferred destination for tourists as it offers a lot to explore in Dandeli. From river rafting to jungle safari, sightseeing places, bird watching, etc., you have a lot of options to do in Dandeli. If you are planning to visit Dandeli, make sure that you don’t forget to explore Shiroli Peak situated inside Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Shiroli Peak is the most elevated peak in the region of Uttara Kannada. Situated at the great height, it is the most lovable place among nature lovers as well as trekkers. The beautiful peak lets you have the delightful experience of the top of the Sahyadri Range. It is a well-known fact that no tourist can come back to their places without exploring the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and while visiting a wildlife sanctuary, ensure that you explore the highest peak of the Uttara Kannada region i.e. Shiroli Peak.

You can visit Dandeli all throughout the year except amid rainstorm because it can be troublesome for you to explore the beautiful surroundings of Dandeli during the rainy season. Don’t forget to bring your high-quality camera along with you to the splendid and highest peak as it offers you the picturesque views of nature from the top.

In the Dandeli jungle safari package, you get a chance to experience the adventurous jungle stay and various other adventurous activities in Dandeli. If you wish to discover Dandeli to its best, book your Jungle Safari Package with Dandeli Dreams to get a delightful traveling experience in Dandeli.