DudhSagar Falls- A Trip to Remember

Do you love fairy tales? Almost, everyone loves reading fairy tales. One of the enchanting fairy tales of a princess can bring you to Goa-Dandeli border. Once upon a time, a princess used to live on the periphery of the woods. The princess used to look so pretty that even birds used to sing her praise and sun used to blush by hiding behind the clouds. She used to follow daily morning ritual of taking bath in the lovely pool in the woods and then she used to partake of sweetened milk from the golden jug. One day, she saw that one handsome guy was watching her while she was taking bath. Feeling embarrassed, she flung the milk immediately and created a sheet of smooth milk that protected her from the gaze of that guy. So, the sheet of milk still flows down the slope of mountains that is known as DudhSagar Water Falls.

The DudhSaagar falls which comes in the list of 100 highest waterfalls across the globe is located in Goa. The height of the waterfall is approximately 130 metres and the width is about 30 metres. The magnificence of DudhSagar water falls can be explored beautifully from a train which crosses the railway station of DudhSaagar. To reach to this waterfall, you first need to reach Collem that is a village which is situated on the border of Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. For reaching to your destination, you can either reach by trekking or you can hire a jeep. Private jeeps or vehicles are not allowed to reach the destination. You may enjoy your journey to this waterfall by booking Dandeli tour package.

DudhSagar Water Falls

As the stream water can even reach the windows of the jeep, so the route to reach DudhSagar Water Falls usually remains closed during the rainy season. Once you reach the point where you need to leave the jeep, you would further need to trek to the waterfalls. You would enjoy the trekking experience as you need to cross certain wooden bridges and you can also enjoy photo shoot by climbing some rocks on the way. Once you reach there, you can enjoy swimming under the falls, but make sure you have visited during off-monsoon season as during monsoon, the water level increases to around 25-30 feet which is not at all safe for swimming. Visiting DudhSagar Water Falls add a unique experience to your travel diary.

You can visit DudhSagar Falls easily if you are on a trip to Dandeli or Goa. You can stay in Dandeli that is quite closer to DudhSagar. Book Dandeli Resort Package now for the comfortable and luxurious accommodation facility to stay in Dandeli. Moreover, you may get to see DudhSagar Falls by booking Dandeli tour package with Dandeli Dreams.