Tips you need to know for Dandeli Rafting Booking

Although Dandeli is a small town in Karnataka, but undoubtedly a beautiful town situated in North Karnataka, the town is popular for water sports activities. The most popular water sports activity in the town is White Water Rafting that is full of thrills and adventures. The white water rafting is done in Kali River and termed as white water rafting because of the whitish appearance of rapid flowing water. If you are really planning to enjoy your holidays by getting involved with the adventurous activities, then you should pack your bags and travel to Dandeli. You will be amazed at the water sports activities in Dandeli and would fall in love with the small town. So, here in this blog, you would get some essential tips that you should know before Dandeli Rafting Booking.

Essential tips that everyone should keep in mind before booking Dandeli Rafting Package:

  • If you are planning to enjoy river rafting in Dandeli during summer time, make sure that rafting gear comprises of life jacket, tennis sandals or shoes, wetsuit, nylon shorts, and a hat. Always avoid carrying precious things like mobile phones, hotel or car keys, wallet and much more.
  • Always make sure to not to intake alcohol before going into raft as it cannot only put in danger, but it can also be endangered for the people there with you in the raft.
  • Because rafting is an activity that is done by sitting down in the raft, there is no such need for you to be in a tiptop shape. You just need to have strength in your shoulders and arms.
  • Always make sure to keep a good grip while doing rafting so as to prevent yourself from falling all the time.
  • You will always have a guide with you in the raft, so it is mandatory to always listen to your guide as they know very well how to raft in the river safely and carefully.

Are you planning to book Dandeli Rafting Package? If yes, then you should read the essential tips mentioned in this blog to have a great rafting experience. Do Dandeli Rafting Booking at Dandeli Dreams that makes it possible to provide you white water rafting at affordable prices.

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