Dandeli Safari Online Booking

Dandeli is the perfect one- stop shop destination in Karnataka where one can have a fun-filled holiday packed with thrilling and exciting activities. The flawless scenic beauty of Dandeli and its location on the banks of Kali River, make it the best thrilling and adventurous family destination of India by doing Dandeli Safari Online Booking.

The place is a blend of scenic beauty and comfort. The hotels and resorts in Dandeli provide you with the best accommodation and give you a home-like feel with Traditional Food and all the modern-day activities in the Dandeli jungle safari corporate package. Dandeli is very nearby to Goa as well as Bangalore because of which it attracts lots of tourists round the year. The place is famous for its Sunset Point and Kavla Caves. The best time to plan your vacation over there by Dandeli Safari Online Booking and visit the place is February, March and April or October, November, December.

Dandeli holiday packages

Whether you are looking for a place with natural beauty or a place with tourist attractions, Dandeli has both for you. It’s the best destination for you for a fun-filled family holiday. The place offers you with interesting activities in Dandeli jungle safari corporate package like:

  • Jungle Safari
  • Mountain Trekking
  • River crossing
  • Bird Watching
  • River Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Elephant Safari
  • Kayaking and many more

Do Dandeli Safari Online Booking

Dandeli Jungle Safari package is fully filled with exciting activities. It takes you all the way through the natural horizons of the forests to the habitats of the country’s wildlife. The Dandeli Jungle Safari gives you a chance to explore the natural environment of nature and the wildlife that India boasts of. Dandeli Forest has a forest trail which helps you in exploring the jungle and you can also do Jungle Trekking in the Dandeli jungle safari corporate package.

You can go with family or even with your colleagues. If going with office colleagues, you can book yourself Dandeli jungle safari corporate package by Dandeli Safari Online Booking. You can opt for this package while you are doing Dandeli Safari Online Booking.

The jungle safari is one lifetime experience which takes you through the dense jungles covering an area of about 14 km approximately. In these dense jungles, you get a chance to see the sights as well as the natural habitats of animals and also a chance of spotting animals like foxes, Bison, giant squirrels, etc.

With Dandeli Safari Online Booking, certain Dandeli jungle safari corporate package also includes a stay in Dandeli resorts as well as visit to the Paper Mills, Wild sanctuary, and Syntheri Rock in Dandeli.