Dandelappa Temple- One of the Must Visit During Dandeli Tour

Dandeli is one of the beautiful and an ideal holiday destination in Karnataka. Many tourists visit this place every year so enjoy the serenity in the nature’s lap. It is believed that the name of the city has been derived from the name of this temple itself. This town is filled with lots of adventure and pilgrimage that you can visit during your stay over here. Some of the major attraction of this town is water adventure, wildlife sanctuary and Dandelappa Temple. The Dandeli tour package included all these destinations in it.

History of Dandelappa Temple:

Dandelappa temple happened to be one of the most attractive points in the entire Dandeli Tour package. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious places to worship by the people of Dandeli and in fact thousands of visitors come to this place to witness this auspicious temple and seek blessing. This temple is situated across the belt of Maland, which is surrounded by beautiful and lush green scenic beauty. This offers a very beautiful and enticing view. The temple is completely dedicated to Lord Dandelappa who is said to be one of the most liked and loved figures in between the locals of Dandeli.

If you worship in Dandelappa Temple it is believed that all your wishes are fulfilled. It is believed that he used to be the trusted servants of the then landlords of Mirashi and the locals believed that his loyalty was the basic reason behind his death. This temple happens to be one of the oldest temples in Dandeli town. It symbolizes a lot about the pre-historic time of Dandeli and the people living over there. This is something you should not afford to miss while you visit Dandeli through your Dandeli tour Package. Explore this historic temple and try knowing more about it.