Things to Consider Before Booking Best Resorts in Dandeli

We all keep on planning vacation once in a while when we get too exhausted from our daily hectic schedule. Planning a vacation in the lap of nature is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Reason being the relaxing, soothing and positive energy nature offers. We get rejuvenated with the freshness of the air and the beauty of the surrounding when we are on  a vacation to places like Dandeli, The first thing that we do while planning our vacation to Dandeli is to look for the best homestay in Dandeli, a lovely town in the state of Karnataka. 

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Sorting hotels and resorts becomes very easy if you know what to look for. To make it simple for you here are some essential things that you must consider while looking for Dandeli resorts and hotels.

1. Location

While finding the hotels and resorts online you will find lots of beautiful and best resorts in Dandeli. Before making a deal with any resort or hotel make sure you have gone through the location of the hotel and resort. If you are new to the place and don’t own a vehicle, consider booking a resort at a place from where you can get transportation easily. This will help you to stay away from any kind of extra expense on transportation and save your trip from any kind of trouble.

2. Book During Off-Season

If you are looking to spend a vacation just to relax, consider visiting Dandeli during off seasons. This will help you to avoid the crowd that gathers in the season. The second alluring thing about booking during off-season is that you probably get good deals on hotels and resorts booking.

3. Food

Good food always keeps you in good mood. Hence, considering the quality of food of the hotel is another important thing for you. You can go through the reviews of the hotel on the internet. Contact a person online who recently visited the resort or the hotel and get the real reviews of the food and of course of the hotel too.

4. Service

A resort is considered good not by the beautiful location it is situated on but by the service it offers. There are resorts and hotels on the best location but you will hardly find crowd there. The only reason is the service they provide. Friendly staff, active and attentive response from the hotel staff, clean washroom with both cold and hot water etc. are some important things that you must ensure are well before making the deal with Dandeli resorts and hotels.

5. Extra Cost

When you book a hotel or resort, most of the things like food, room cleaning, iron etc. are included in the booking cost. It’s good for you if you go through and ask if there is any extra cost for any activity or service. Having knowledge of extra cost will save you from unwanted expenses.

If you consider the above-mentioned points before making a deal with Dandeli resorts and hotel, you will surely have a happy and joyous stay and enjoy the benefits of homestay in Dandeli during your vacation. Plan your vacation today and visit this beautiful Dandeli town in Karnataka.