Things to Consider Before Booking Best Resorts in Dandeli

We all keep on planning vacation once in a while when we get too exhausted from our daily hectic schedule. Planning a vacation in the lap of nature is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Reason being the relaxing, soothing and positive energy nature offers. We get rejuvenated with the freshness of the air and the beauty of the surrounding when we are on  a vacation to places like Dandeli, The first thing that we do while planning our vacation to Dandeli is to look for the best homestay in Dandeli, a lovely town in the state of Karnataka.  Continue Reading →

5 Interesting Things to Know About White River Rafting in Dandeli

The adventurous sports like White River Rafting, Trekking, and Mountain Climbing etc. are becoming more and more popular in India day by day. A decade or two back, a very few people in this country would opt for adventurous sports like mountain climbing and white river rafting. But the scenario is completely different today.  Today youth from the Urban as well as from the Rural India prefer to spend their vacations at the places where they can enjoy at least rafting and trekking.

Dandeli is one of the most preferred locations in the country for white water rafting, mountain climbing and trekking. The virgin natural environment of Dandeli, lush green forests and amazing waterfalls make Dandeli a haven for the adventure sports lovers.  Continue Reading →

Benefits of Picking a Homestay in Dandeli

Planning for a vacation to Dandeli? If yes, then you surely have booked the package and everything in advance! What about the stay? Dandeli is a serene yet very beautiful place. The place is popular for the numerous water sports and activities. Finding the best staying option in such a beautiful place is always challenging because people visited such places throughout the year. Hence, if you are thinking about where to stay, then Dandeli Dreams is the best spot where you can enjoy the best stay experiences. In fact, when it comes to the book hotels in Dandeli, you will definitely get the name of Dandeli Dreams. It is one of the best and affordable staying options in Dandeli. Continue Reading →

How to find best Dandeli Vacation Packages on internet?

The summer season in India is in full bloom. Most of the colleges, Universities, schools and other educational institutes in the country have announced vacations for their students and staff. Even the Corporate offices in the country are busy in arranging the tours for their staff.

For availing cost effective and most useful tour packages, everyone is busy in navigating from one Travel site to another.  To make your work easier, in this blog post we will tell you about some of the most cost effective and useful travel packages available this summer in India. In addition, we will tell you how to search for the  most useful and affordable Dandeli holiday packages on the internet. Continue Reading →

Get the Best Dandeli Resorts to Make your Trip Memorable

The most sorted and searched thing while planning a visit or Journey far away from your own home is an accommodation to stay. One which can let you have an experience worth remembering and make your visit happening. Dandeli dreams Jungle stay are one of the Best homestay in Dandeli which offers the visitors a classy and home like stay for having the best experience of Jungle safari. It is located in the large and green farmland of the Varanda Village which falls in the Uttarkannada District. It is a one stop destination for adventure seekers. A visitor with a homestay at best hotels can enjoy a weekend full of thrill and adventure. The hospitality and services make it the best resort. Continue Reading →

Tips You Should Follow Before Making a Resort Reservation

With the holiday season approaching, it is that time of the year again.  It is a matter of time before the trips and weekend getaways start rolling in. This would also include making hotel and resort reservations for the respective trips and vacations. Although there is no written manuscript on how a reservation is to be made, there are certain rules or rather tips that ought to be followed to get the best out of the holiday season. For instance, resort booking in Dandeli should always be done in advance to make sure that proper rooms are available due to heavy inflow of tourists. These are discussed below:- Continue Reading →

7 reasons why you need to visit Dandeli Tourist Places

Autumn’s rolled past and you’re feeling the cold chill wind blow in. You and your family are all set for a vacation to the south yet can’t decide where to go. You’ve visited so many places that it’s safe to say that you’ve seen them all. Or have you?

Dandeli is a town in Karnataka, India. It’s recently become one of the most trending vacation spots in tropical India and one of the most adventurous tourist spots. The weather, wildlife, nightlife and awesome family summer activities in just what you need to unwind after a busy year. Here’s a list of our top 7 reasons why you need to visit Dandeli Tourist Places: Continue Reading →

Everything you should know about Shiroli Peak

Shiroli Peak, located inside that of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is at the distance of 25km from Dandeli. Dandeli is a small town, situated in the Uttara Kannada and is widely admired for the beautiful green surroundings and forests. People from all over India visit Dandeli for spending ideal vacations with your family or friends. Dandeli is a preferred destination for tourists as it offers a lot to explore in Dandeli. From river rafting to jungle safari, sightseeing places, bird watching, etc., you have a lot of options to do in Dandeli. If you are planning to visit Dandeli, make sure that you don’t forget to explore Shiroli Peak situated inside Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Continue Reading →

Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India has a rich geographical diversity with a plethora of flora as well as fauna. So, there are some of the places in India that are popular and protected as national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. Such wildlife sanctuaries serve as a shelter for the different conserved and endangered fauna and flora species. The reason behind the establishment of several wildlife sanctuaries is the security of all species that are endangered. If you are fond of exploring amazing wildlife of India, make sure to visit popular wildlife sanctuaries in India where you can have the best experience of rich fauna and flora of India. Continue Reading →

Book Dandeli Tour Package to Discover Beautiful Places

Dandeli is widely praised for its beautiful surroundings and the abundant green forests. People from the different corners of India like to visit Dandeli for spending a good time with their friends or family members. There is a lot to explore in Dandeli and therefore, many people prefer to visit Dandeli during their holidays. The ideal months for visiting Dandeli are as follow- February, March, April, May, October, November, and December. It hardly takes 2 or 3 days to explore the whole of Dandeli. Your trip to this gorgeous can be incomplete if you do not discover the popular places in Dandeli. While you book Dandeli tour package, make sure that you visit the most popular and beautiful places in Dandeli. Continue Reading →