5 Intangible benefits of Jungle Camping in Dandeli

A century ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a theory that holds the same wisdom today as it carried then. The theory was about the health benefits of camping deep in the woods. His theory gave us enough reasons to ditch our busy life aside and go for jungle camping for a few days. The jungle camping indeed has some rare health benefits.

Jungle Camping in Dandeli is mostly enjoyed by people who love adventure.  Some people take leave from their busy life as they are tired of the noise of the city.

Some of the intangible benefits of jungle stay in Dandeli are as follows:

  • When you have a jungle trip to Dandeli, most of your times spend in the company of trees in the deep woods. When you live in the company of trees, you take fresh oxygen. And that feeling of happiness when you take fresh air is natural. The fresh air releases serotonin that regulates our blood pressure, improves digestion and many other benefits.
  • When you have a jungle stay, camping can be a great fun when your friends or family are along with you at the camping site. You are able to spend the best period of your life with your family and friends. The researchers suggest that a stay in jungle improves your relations with friends and family.
  • When we stay in our offices away from the sunlight, our brain releases melatonin that makes us tired and induces the feeling of depression in us. But when you spend some time in the sunlight, the level of melatonin balances in our body and we enjoy better moods after the trip.
  • When in Office or Home, you get hardly some time for a workout, but during Jungle camping, you have all the time for exercising.
  • After a day full of activities, you will fall fast asleep and the sound sleep will improve your cardiovascular system that keeps you alert.

Tailpiece: In Dandeli in addition to wild life, you also enjoy beautiful Mullangi Falls. To make your Jungle Stay in Dandeli most beautiful and memorable moment of your life, book jungle camp and resort as soon as possible and enjoy your jungle trip.

Top and Affordable Hotels in Dandeli for a Comfortable Stay

Summer vacations have already started. If you are planning to spend your vacations in a place where you can spend quality time with your friends and family, then Dandeli is one of the best places at the present. You can visit there and make your vacations even more amazing. The best thing about the Dandeli is that it is an affordable place. Staying options are quite cost-effective. The range of budget hotels in Dandeli is quite amazing. Continue Reading →

Syntheri Rock in Dandeli is a Major Tourist Attraction

Syntheri rock is a serene spot in Dandeli next to Kaneri River, it is close to 300 ft. tall located deep inside Dandeli – Anshi reserve forest. Syntheri rock is an awesome place to spend few hours. The rocks involve climbing down 200 steps.  The venue is controlled by the forest department and the timing of the venue is 10 AM to 5 30 PM, there is a nominal 20 Rs charges of per person as an entry fees and Rs 20 per car as well. Syntheri rock is located close to temple town Ulavi. Dandeli tour package is the best option to visit the Dandeli as well as Syntheri rock. Continue Reading →

Exciting Night Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli is undoubtedly a beautiful destination when it come to night camping. In your jungle stay in Dandeli you would get a chance to live among the nocturnal charms and that too of one of the most beautiful forests in India. Dandeli Wildlife has lots of surprises in store for their visitors who come over here every year. The wildlife and night life of Dandeli is something worth experiencing. Continue Reading →

Tips to remember if planning Jungle Stay in Dandeli

Have you ever imagined spending your holidays at the place that is so calm and peaceful and surrounded by nature’s beauty? If no, then you must plan your visit to Dandeli which is an ideal location to stay in the lap of nature. Being closest to Goa and Maharashtra, this place welcomes tourists from many states including Goa and Maharashtra all throughout the year. Dandeli is popular for its lush green forests and beautiful views of nature. This is an obvious fact that to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you would always want to cherish your moments by enjoying the jungle stay in Dandeli. Staying in the jungle would add a unique and mesmerizing experience to your travelling experiences. But before you plan to enjoy your stay in Jungle, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind always to make your stay peaceful and enjoyable. Continue Reading →

Book Dandeli jungle Safari and enjoy wildlife of Kali Tiger Reserve

The forests in Dandeli town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka house some Asia’s wonderful wild creatures. It is a habitat of Black Panthers, Bengal tigers and Indian elephants. A visit to Dandeli Jungles will reward you with a wonderful sight of rare and unique birds. The forests in Dandeli are home to over 300 species of beautiful birds. The most prominent bird in Dandeli you will come across is Hornbills.

Dandeli Jungle Safari will provide you with a very special opportunity to observe rare wild animals in their natural habitat. Book a trip to jungle safari or tiger reserve park through Dandeli Safari Online Booking. Continue Reading →

Dandelappa Temple- One of the Must Visit During Dandeli Tour

Dandeli is one of the beautiful and an ideal holiday destination in Karnataka. Many tourists visit this place every year so enjoy the serenity in the nature’s lap. It is believed that the name of the city has been derived from the name of this temple itself. This town is filled with lots of adventure and pilgrimage that you can visit during your stay over here. Some of the major attraction of this town is water adventure, wildlife sanctuary and Dandelappa Temple. The Dandeli tour package included all these destinations in it.

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Get Dandeli Jungle Safari at a Reasonable Price through Online

Dandeli happened to be one of the best holiday destinations in the Southern part of India. Here you could get a chance to witness exciting and thrilling activities like river rafting and jungle safari. Jungle safari comes up with ultimate excitement with it. Through it you could get a chance to get one step closer to the nature. This natural destination is located in Karnataka in the bank of River Kali. It is very well suited both for family tour as well bachelor tour. Dandeli safari online booking is one of the most convenient ways to book your trip to this place. Continue Reading →

3 Hotels that you should Include in your Dandeli Holiday Packages

India is an amazing country to explore. When it comes to an adventurous trip, you can always count on this beautiful country. The tourism sector is the most emerging sector at the present time and when it comes to India, you will get various colors here. Among all places, Dandeli is one of the most beautiful places. The place is famed for several adventurous activities. Whenever you plan your visit to India, always ensure to pay a visit in Dandeli. Now you can book your Dandeli Holiday Packages with the help of travel agents as well.

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DudhSagar Falls- A Trip to Remember

Do you love fairy tales? Almost, everyone loves reading fairy tales. One of the enchanting fairy tales of a princess can bring you to Goa-Dandeli border. Once upon a time, a princess used to live on the periphery of the woods. The princess used to look so pretty that even birds used to sing her praise and sun used to blush by hiding behind the clouds. She used to follow daily morning ritual of taking bath in the lovely pool in the woods and then she used to partake of sweetened milk from the golden jug. One day, she saw that one handsome guy was watching her while she was taking bath. Feeling embarrassed, she flung the milk immediately and created a sheet of smooth milk that protected her from the gaze of that guy. So, the sheet of milk still flows down the slope of mountains that is known as DudhSagar Water Falls.

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