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  1. Devaroop


    Mr Murthy (the host) and his family are super helpful. Even when the resort was fully booked, he allowed us to stay in the tent for a very nominal amount. The helpers in the resort were very kind and kept asking us every time about whatever we wanted. No words to explain how happy we were.


    Its was a privilege to get such amazing food in such location. The cook was very proficient to make such tasty and sumptuous food. What we liked most was veg and non-veg were being cooked at two different kitchens (we were not so particular, but still, its a very good thing).


    A perfect location for a perfect holiday away from work. Its a place where you will not have any mobile network except BSNL which made the stay more exciting. For emergencies, the resort provides two phones to call anyone from there (a really good thing). Besides, there are no words to describe about the location – its between lush green forest and fields – there was dense fog in the night with very less visibility – we took a quick happy walk around after dinner. The location is closer to both Dandeli and CastleRock (for doodhsagar) and also close to the Kali River Water Sports area.


    We wanted to stay inside a tent and Mr Murthy arranged it beautifully (attaching photos). Clean sheets, pillows, blankets, small light – just awesome. We are little over 5.11′ height so we had slight problems stretching lets inside the tent but it was trivial for that ambience. We went for a evening walk around the jungle accompanied by a helper from the resort who showed us around. We were told that there are many animals around – we were keen to see them but were unlucky.


    I can keep praising this place for ever and this review will never end. This place is a definite go and I would recommend this for anyone who needs a break from daily routine. Also, with good people like Mr. Murthy and his family around, you will never be let down for sure. A definite mention for Mr. Murthy’s mother who lives there – she is a very humble and kind hearted lady. Thanks.

  2. P G Vijairaghavan

    Dandeli Dreams is every nature lover’s dream come true. The location itself attracts one to it – virgin greenery, and forest cover all around, rarely used dirt tracks, a gently flowing stream with the welcome sounds of birds – from the great pied hornbill, malabar giant squirrel to the humble mynah and bulbuls, not forgetting the occasional gaur who makes a cursory appearance as if to check on the guests – all make it a great place for a much needed outing from the urban confusion that we call city life today! The comfortable and adequately provided cottage is just right for a middle class family, large enough for a family of four, or cosy for just a honeymooning couple! Add to it the warm and genuine hospitality of the proprietor Vishnumurthy and his team of trusted assistants who are as concerned about your care and comforts as the owner. And if you arelucky, Vishnu’s mother will cook up some fine Udupi idlis for you, a signature dish that could anchor you to Dandeli! The food which was our greatest worry when we set out was the best surprise of the visit, the variety of vegetarian dishes cooked up by Ravi and even packed for our outings – as early as 6 o’clock in the morning was a treat one will not forget in a hurry!
    For the lover of plants and greens, Dandeli is a festival of sorts from herbal plants to rare flora that you may not get to see in your urban concrete jungles. A great place to forget your appointments, mobile calls,tv, internet and what have you! Recommended greatly for every one suffering from chronic urbanitis!


    21-22 nov 15 i visited to dandelidreams with my friends with family. The guidance and information giving by host is very helpful so that we enjoyed dandeli. Accomodation at Dandelidreams was excellent, working team at Dandelidrems is very good and helpful. so that children in our group enjoyed without parent’s help. very important thing is cleanliness at Dandelidreams. Accessible Kitchen is the one of heart touching part of our stay for ladies member’s of our group. Sighting of tiger in jungle safari at night is the key moment of the trip that we can not forget life time.I recommended greatly for every one to visit Dandelidreams first before you visited other homestay !!!


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